Neighbors, I have them

I have strange neighbors. Next door, I believe, is a single man. I've seen him twice. The second time was this weekend, when he was using a hedge-trimmer-extra-long-chainsaw to clean up the half-dead bushes that separate my building from his house. The trimmings are mulching themselves on the apartment side of the bush/fence.
And across the street is a very large house, with an equally large yard, for the area at least, as well as a very long and tall chain link fence. This particular neighbor has a "collection" in his yard, and frequently has a barrel with things burning in it. He mowed his yard today with an industrial sized mower.
I have interesting neighbors.

Now! Time for pictures. As promised, a whirlwind of hand spun fiber.
Clockwise from the brown. The two skeins of brown are my first spindle spun, using fiber from Abi. At the bottom of the picture is the mitten I'm making from my first two spindle projects. These mittens are going to be large, but I'm planning to line them. At the top is my spindle with the second half of the Day's End roving, also from Abi. I'm nearly done with that. I feel like my spindle skills are so much better after just two 4 oz rovings! And in the middle is the crowning jewel: my first wheel hand spun yarn, about 30 yards there, and I have another 10-15 yards that isn't plied. The skein there is a bulky/super bulky two ply. I made it during that first class. I'm in love. It will become a head band. That is what it was made for. It has a destiny. Mitten close-up.

I have made some progress on the Jeweled Cowl, but because it is unblocked lace, there isn't much to show. I hope to have finished objects to show next time. Since I made it to the post office today, I should have non-knitting things to show too!

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