The Haul

This last weekend I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I had been to the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival, but that doesn't even come close. I had a great time with great people. This is most of what I brought back. I did not bring one of these home, because just look at where the yarn comes out of. Seriously.This is the yarn haul. From left to right: Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna (the green and red skeins). One of the two is for my mom for Mother's Day, she gets to pick her color. Both are so soft (cashmere) and the colors are saturated and semi-solid, I love it. The middle skein is one of two, it is Miss Babs Yowza. It is a nice semi-solid gray color in a mega skein. The last two are Socks That Rock in mediumweight, Mad Hatter and Christmas Balls.Two silk caps, Mad Hatter and Pond Scum. I've wanted more silk hankies/caps, and these colors are perfect.Bartlett Yarns roving for Laura in Mountain Berry and Blue Loch. The Blue Loch is a very pretty royal blue with red fibers blended in. I think this is destined to be a marled DK, or at least I hope.

These are "bumps" from Loop. They spin from the center and are meant for striping. I'm waiting to improve my spinning skills to make these, but I am so excited. The red is some fluff that I'd like to use for some art yarn spinning or my own hand carding one day.

More fiber! Corridale on the left, BFL and some silk next, and then two octopus like things of merino and tencel. I also bought a Bosworth spindle, laceweight and some bone handi tools.
And last but not least, I think one of my favorite buys: a set of double point 2.5mm Signature needles.
If you made it through all of that, wow. I have a feeling I'll try to limit myself more next year, but I have no regrets, even on the cash spent. Of course there are other things to write about, but that will wait for the next post!

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