Five Things

1. I've been drinking 64oz of fluids per day as part of a contest with a friend. The rules: up to half can be something other than water, but only 25% can contain calories and only 25% can contain caffiene. Which means a 16oz latte leaves me with 48oz of water to drink for the day. But a 16oz Diet Coke and a 16oz glass of juice (which would be a lot) would leave me with only 32oz of water for the day. Drinking that much fluid is actually pretty easy, my hunger is more even throughout the day, and I've lost a pound or two in two weeks. It is a little bit of thought and effort, but so worth it.
2. I have too many hobbies. Between knitting and spinning, I could keep myself busy for hours a day, and I kind of do. But read #3...
3. I maybe, kind of, really want to start sewing a quilt. Go big or go home.
4. I love my dog. She's the best.
5. Hi Zoe!

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