I’ve never been one for resolutions based on the New Year. No one in my family has ever been really into it, so I’ve never really been encouraged to have my own. This year is no exception; I’m not dedicating myself to anything that I can fail at. I find that to be particularly discouraging. So instead, in 2012 I want to remember this:

There is almost always more of something that is desirable.

I feel like this applies to many parts of my life. For instance, I don’t need to eat something as if I’ll never have it ever again. Because the chances are really good that I’ll have an opportunity to have it again. I’ve heard we need food to survive, and that there are whole stores where you can get pretty much whatever you want. As for the non-edible parts of my life, I have a large yarn and fiber stash. As much fun as it is to build said stash, there is always more to be had. And I have found that waiting is worth it when I find something I love even more than what I passed up before.

So this year I want to exercise a little restraint. Indulge the cravings when they are unbearable, but remember that there is absolutely no need to over indulge either.

I’m hoping to work through the yarn and fiber stashes in the first half of the year and then maintain a lower inventory the remainder of the year. I’ve successfully sold a couple dozen skeins of yarn on Ravelry, and I’m hoping to continue in that direction. And maybe I’ll sell some of my own yarn later in the year as well.

As for food, I am making a conscious decision to eat healthier, but I’m definitely not counting anything.

Lastly, instead of a resolution, a good friend and I are having a friendly contest to drink more water, my daily goal is 64oz. We’ll post daily how we’ve done; rules will be available somewhere on there too. My first impression: that’s a lot of water.

In crafting news, I knit baby booties, two pairs of socks, an infinity scarf, and a big stranded hat for Christmas gifts. I am now knitting and spinning for myself for a while. First up: a 2-ply mash-up of a 4oz braid and 4+oz batt of purples and yellows and a pair of Gothic Spire socks by Cookie A. Pictures soon.

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