First Quilt: Fabric and Cutting Pieces Day #1

After a lovely weekend in Iowa with knitters and quilters, the crafting bug really bit me.
Before I even started my trip back to PA, I had purchased a pattern. A nice, simply modern pattern. Completely my style.
I had also decided on a color scheme: light purple, butter yellow and soft gray.
So, this last weekend I went to Loom and came home with this:
Left: accent color and a skinny border
Moving right: blues as one of my main colors
Next column: grays as my other main color
Right: the white is a medium width border, the yellow is the outside, and widest, border.
Most of the fabrics are not traditional, and have decently large repeating patterns, but I really love all of them.
Lastly, this afternoon I started the cutting. All of the blue and gray fabrics were cut into strips, which will later be cut into smaller pieces.
This is 80 strips, and only 2/3 of the strips I will need before continuing the cutting process:
That top piece has a picture of a ship in the hair of a silhouette. Adorable.
Next up: the remainder of the cutting. By my rough calculations I'll have at least 540 individual pieces!
P.S. This weekend I've also spun 8oz of fiber and knit a sleeve for a sweater. The crafting is not slowing down. Not in the least.


  1. I hope you continue to post your progress on this project. I often see your knitting & spinning work but this will not be as portable. Good luck, your fabric choices are beautiful

  2. I hope you continue to post on the progress of your quilt. I often see your knitting and spinning projects but this one won't be as portable. Your fabric choices are wonderful.

  3. I hope you continue to post progress on this quilt. I often see your knitting and spinning projects but this won't be as portable. I love your fabric choices...nice color palette. Cannot wait to see them once the actual sewing starts.