Back At It and Project Introduction

This is not my first time blogging. I had a Diary-X back in high school, when many of my friends did as well. Unfortunately, Diary-X had a massive server crash and all blog entries were lost, for all users. For me, at least, this was not a tragedy, the writing that was lost was not worth saving. My high school years are best left as memories. It was not my defining moment, that’s for sure.

So that means, technically, I’m back!

First things first, about me, short form:
-I live near Pittsburgh and work for Alcoa, at their R&D center.
-I am a materials engineer by education, but a metallurgical engineer by profession.
-I have a dachshund, Teagan. She’s three and loves me unconditionally. She’s my buddy.
-I knit. A lot. And I’m quickly becoming a fiber snob. Spinning is next on the list, starting this weekend!
-I am a runner, sometimes. Right now, I am not, but starting soon!

Above is Teagan The Dog, AKA Noodle, Bug, Bugger, Buddy, Girly, Pretty Girl, and mostly just 'T'

What I’m knitting right now, PROJECT INTODUCTION!:
-Kingdom gloves, for my Grams birthday, out of Cascade Heritage Sock Paints. I have one glove knit, with just ends to weave in, and blocking to do.
-Austin Hoodie, using Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, in Luster. I’m working on the first sleeve, but I have the body knit. It will also need a hood, but I’m not sure I have enough yarn. This has been on needles since last August. I’m not sure what will become of it.
-Jeweled Cowl with alpaca lace and matte red seed beads. I think I’m about halfway through this, but my plan is to knit until the skein of yarn I’m using is gone. I really like how this is coming.
-Bridgewater, pattern by Jared Flood, also in alpaca lace. This has been a long term project that I started over a year ago. I still like what I’m making, and I’m ok with the slow progress, it is 2000 yards of lace knitting, after all.
-A simple pair of mittens. The yarn is my own handspun, which I made with a spindle. The yarn is a little tightly spun and somewhat rough right now, but I hope that means I’ll have hard wearing mittens. The fiber was from High Prairie Farms, run by Abi in Iowa. My favorite is the Day’s End roving, which is all the little pieces from other roving carded together, so pretty with punches of color surrounded by neutrals. I still have about a third of the roving to spin and soak/wet block straight.

And this weekend I’m taking a spinning class to learn how to use a wheel. I’m pretty much ready to jump in with both feet (no treadle puns intended) and purchase a wheel. I also have a small orject of a different craft to work on for my knitting/fiber pen pal, our first packages need to be shipped by the end of May! Next weekend I’m headed to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. Where fiber geeks will unite for a full weekend of spinning and felting and knitting!

Lastly, if I make it to Sunday, I will have gone a full month without buying any yarn. And I fully plan on restocking on fiber next weekend. So very excited. I promised myself a pair of Signature Needles if I made it the full month, but I might just by fiber instead.

Pictures for the next post, this was a little wordy, I know…

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  1. Welcome to the knitting blogosphere!! So excited you finally did this! Can't wait to read more.